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3 days Birding

A Peaceful Forest

Tour description:

Bosque de Paz if your idea of birding is endless trails opportunities, un-crowded forests, great food, breathtaking vegetation, appealing lodging and over 350 species to target! Then, Bosque de Paz is your Costa Rica gateway. Or if your idea of birding is to watch hummingbirds everywhere, friendly trogons, singing wrens, rapid endemic jays, and the adored beauty of Resplendent Quetzals! Bosque de Paz is your destination.

Birding highlights:
  • Gray breasted Wood-wren
  • Collared Trogon
  • Red headed Barbet
  • Magenta throated Woodstar
  • Streak breasted Treehunter
  • American Dipper
  • Solitary Eagle
  • Rufous Motmot
  • Azure hooded Jay
  • Golden bellied Flycatcher 
  • Highland Tinamou
  • Silvery fronted Tapaculo


Daily Itinerary by destination:

Day 1. Bosque de Paz Lodge. Breakfast at the lodge, followed by departure to Bajos del Toro’s town. Early birding, breakfast and let’s go to the “Forest of Peace”, fantastic destination for hummingbird lovers, quetzal seekers and much more. The lodge has over a dozen trail systems for exploring its avian biodiversity, we will spend all day at the lodge grounds. Bosque de Paz is an amazing place to find highland endemics such as Azure hooded Jay, Prong billed Barbet, Silvery fronted Tapaculo, etc.

Day 2. Bosque de Paz Lodge. Early birding at the forest trails. Bosque de Paz Lodge. Looking for Resplendent Quetzal, Red headed barbet, leaftossers, woodhunters, woodcreepers , highland tinamous, etc. After a well-deserved breakfast we will travel few minutes down the road to another great hummingbird garden at Bajos del Toro’s waterfall some other great birds are found such as Cabanni’s Ground Sparrow, Purplish backed Quail-dove, Long tailed Silky flycatcher, etc.. After exploring the forest trails and hummingbird gardens we will return to the lodge for lunch with more forest birds. 

Day 3. Bosque de Paz Lodge. Explore the nearby forest trails where Highland Tinamou, Purplish backed Quail Dove, Spotted Barbtail, Streak Woodhunter and many more species that inhabit the understory and dark canopies. After breakfast we will take a short drive and target raptors such as Great Black Hawk and Solitary Eagles from the upper valley views over the Poas & Barva Volcanoes. After lunch birding on the surrounding forest edges for Gray breasted Wood Wren, Silvery fronted Tapaculo, Redstars, etc. Central America makes this destination a birder’s dream.

All 3 days of birding you need to consider the following:
  • If you are base in San Jose area please let us know your hotel
  • We must depart no later than 5:30 am (this is in order to avoid heavy concentrations of traffic) breakfast is not included on the first day. Therefore, try to arrange with your hotel/lodge prior departure
  • We will be above 1550 meters, would be warm and humid, light clothing need it and rain jacket
  • Return time to your hotel would be after lunch this is in order to prevent getting stocked in traffic for hours
  • All meals included
  • Lunch included on the departure day

Pricing Plans

1 Person

Private Guide

$ 1768
  • Transport Included
3 PEople or +

Private Guide

$ 860 pp
  • Transport Included