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3 days Birding

A world submerge under water

Tour description:
Destination: Caño Negro.

Caño Negro & Los Chiles both areas apart close to each other in the north east flatlands bordering Nicaragua are one of the least visited regions for birdwatchers. Very Little known apart from day tours to Rio Frio from La Fortuna Arenal for regular sightseeing tourist, the región offers marvelous birding specially at Los Chiles, one of the few places in Costa Rica where Least bitterns, Fork-Tailed Flycatchers, Black collared Hawk, Jabirus are found year round.

Birding highlights: 

  • Yellow throated crake
  • Least bittern
  • Jabiru 
  • Black Collared Hawk
  • Nicaraguan Seed Finch
  • Fork tailed Flycatcher
  • Ruddy breasted Seedeater
  • Lesser Yellow headed Vulture
  • Ocellated Poorwill
  • Pinnated Bittern
  • Spot breasted Wren 
  • Sungrebe


Daily Itinerary by destination:

Day 1.  The hotel has a large number of areas to birdwatch with a great success level on common birds like euphonias, blackbirds, wrens, tanagers, but its adjacent to the Caño Negro wildlife refuge that can give us amazing species such as Scaled Pigeon, Nicaraguan Grackle, Spot breasted Wren, Jabiru, 5 species of Kingfishers, etc. Today we will focus on getting the easy ones off the list.

Day 2. Boat tour to Caño Negro before sunlight, we will start at 5:30 am heading to the dock for an early birding, as we all know is our most successful time (3 + hour boat tour, bring a snack; we might miss breakfast ). After the boat tour we will concentrate on getting some species more related to pasture fields such as raptors, seedaters, finches, etc . By the end of the day our journey will not end with owl searching and other night birds such as Potoos, Poorwills.

Day 3. We will play by ear targeting missing species and covering more disturb habitats searching for Cotingas, Antbirds sunset boat trip (4 hours)

All 3 Birding Days Journeys you need to consider the following:
  • If you are base in San Jose area please let us know your hotel
  • We most departure no later than 5:30 am (this is in order to avoid heavy concentrations of traffic breakfast is not included therefore try to arrange with your hotel/lodge prior departure
  • We will be above 30 meters, would be warm and humid, light clothing need it and rain jacket
  • Return time to your hotel would be after lunch this is in order to prevent getting stocked in traffic for hours
  • All meals included
  • Lunch included on departure day

Pricing Plans

1 Person

Private Guide

$ 1927
  • Transport Included
3 PEople or +

Private Guide

$ 1015 pp
  • Transport Included