3 days Birding

In the heart of the rainforest

Tour description:

 Sarapiqui is a real rainforest experience with vast areas to cover, primary rainforest, active and non-active pasture fields, river edges, canopy bridges, thick understory, etc. Cotingas, macaws, oropendolas, guans, eagles, toucans are some of the many species to find. At the Lodge daily birds to spot are Green Ibis, Sunbittern, Jacamars, Tanagers, Orioles, Woodpeckers, Tityras, etc. Botanical gardens nearby offer great opportunities to spot a dozen or more species of hummingbirds and its adjacent forest always brings good surprises as Little Tinamou, Lattice tailed Trogon, Cinnamon Woodpecker, and much more. The Braulio Carrillo National Park is a real rainforest experience with the largest mixed flocks ever including favorites such as Sharpbills and Umbrellabirds.

Birding Highlights.
  • Great green Macaw
  • Nicaraguan Seed Finch
  • Green Ibis
  • Snowy Cotinga, 
  • Slaty breasted Tinamou 
  • Shiny Cowbird
  • White collared Manakin
  • Great Potoo
  • Bare necked Umbrellabird 
  • Sharpbill, 
  • Blue and gold Tanager
  • Short tailed Nighthawk 
  • Spectacled Owl

Day 1. Sarapiquí. La Selva Biological Station. Traveling to the Braulio Carrillo is breathtaking, 95% of the forests have never been altered by human hands, dozens of small waterfalls, and evergreen vegetation makes this little piece of jungle one of the best places in Costa Rica to visit. More than 350 species had even recorded within the park area & adjacent villages. Our first visit is to a local’s farm in search of Spectacle Owl, Long tailed Tyrant, Great Potoo, White throated Crake and the least goes on!! Lunch at a nearby restaurant and visit the national park to try to find Sharpbill, aracaries, mix flocks of tanagers, orioles, woodpeckers, barbets, woodquails, rare wrens, etc. 

Day 2.  Sarapiquí. La Selva Biological Station. Birding all day at the lodge grounds. At the lodge, the nearby riparian forests hold a good biodiversity of birds, such as Sunbittern, Green Ibis, Bright rumped Atila, Fasciated Antshrike, Rufous tailed Jacamar to mention few. We will also visit a couple local spots for guans, toucans and more.

Day 3. Sarapiquí. La Selva Biological Station. Visit to the world known La Selva Biological Station, which is some of the best birding in the area with large forested areas combined with secondary vegetation and gardens. Dozens of birds are found upon arrival, guans, tanagers, motmots, toucans, becards, euphonias, etc. Several hours at La Selva and continue to explore close by grounds for Great Green Macaw, Bat Falcon, etc. We will return to San Jose after a worthy birding day.

All 3 Birding Days Journeys you need to consider the following:
  • If you are base in San Jose area please let us know your hotel
  • We must depart no later than 5:30 am (this is in order to avoid heavy concentrations of traffic breakfast is not included therefore try to arrange with your hotel/lodge prior departure.
  • We will be above 50 meters, it will warm and humid but rain jacket could be need it
  • Return time to your hotel would be after lunch this is in order to prevent getting stuck in traffic for hours.
  • Travel time from San Jose main area to Sarapiqui (1:30 hrs)
  • Lunch will be included on the departure day


Costa Rica