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2 NIGHTS / 3 DAYS Birding

Off the beaten path, a journey into the heart of clouds

Tour description:
Destination: Turrialba.

Pejibaye’s Mid-Elevation Rainforest: This is without a doubt one  the most exciting birding destinations in Central America! Lying beneath the Caribbean slope of the Talamanca Mountains near Tapanti National Park, its unique geographical position provides the area with an exuberant forest cover, inter-mountain valleys, river gorges and very little human presence, lending to incredible birding opportunities. The lower forest nearest the lodge is a magnet for Tanagers, Orioles, Shrike Vireos, Oropendolas, Toucans and Hummingbirds. Its understory of even vegetation is fantastic for Manakins, Spinetails, Finches, Wrens, Sparrows and even Tinamous. In a single mixed flock over 40 species can be found, including Songwrens, Anthrushes, and Antpittas. Meanwhile, look up into the canopy and you will find Grosbeaks, Woodcreepers, Woodpeckers, Flycatchers, Grosbeaks, and up to 17 species of Tanagers. Perhaps you will even see the rare Yellow-eared Toucanets gilding from branch to branch! Pejibaye’s Rainforest is the best place to find Snow-cap Hummingbird anywhere, and the unrivaled privacy of this lodge, along with excellent hotel staff, make this location a birdwatching delight.

Birding Highlights: 

  • Ashy-throated Bush Tanager
  • Rufous-Browed Tyrannulet
  • Snowcap
  • Northern Schiffornis
  • Lovely Cotinga
  • Black-headed Anthrush
  • Grey-headed Kite
  • Brown-billed Scythebill
  • White-crowned Manakin
  • Yellow-eared Toucanet
  • Tawny-faced Gnatwrent


Daily Itinerary by destination:

Day 1. Pejibaye. We will grab a packed breakfast and prepare ourselves for intense birding in the Pejibaye Rainforest, along the roadside, farms and cattle fields. Once at the lodge we will explore the surrounding forest and birdwatch on site. Midday at the lodge can provide sights of large eagles and other raptors, as well as abundant mixed flocks near the lodge’s forests. Snowcaps, Spinetails and Forest Sparrows are also frequently spotted.

Day 2. Pejibaye. We will rise early in search of Antbirds, Leaftossers, and Woodcreepers, and then return to the lodge for breakfast. We will spend all day birding at the lodge grounds and nearby trails; the small loop trails at the Copal are very rewarding, with highly active insect-eating birds such as Song Wrens, Tawny-Faced Gnatwrens, Brown-billed Scythebill, Schiffornis and many others. Its dense forest is excellent for rarities such as the Highland Tinamou, Yellow-eared Toucanet, and the Lovely Cotinga.

Day 3. Pejibaye.  Arising with the sounds of the forest, we will birdwatch from the lodge deck, enjoy breakfast and continue our search for birds in the forest. We will concentrate on species not found on previous days and also look further for the Emerald Tanager, and Black, Yellow and Rufous-winged Tanagers. 

All 3 Birding Days Journeys you need to consider the following:

  • If you are base in San Jose area please let us know your hotel
  • We most departure no later than 5:30 am (this is in order to avoid heavy concentrations of traffic breakfast is not included therefore try to arrange with your hotel/lodge prior departure
  • We will be above 50 meters, warm and humid, light clothing is needed.
  • Return time to your hotel would be after lunch this is in order to prevent getting stuck in traffic for hours.
  • Travel time from San Jose main area to Talamanca (2:30 hrs)
  • Lunch will be included on the departure day

Pricing Plans

1 Person

Private Guide

$ 1685
  • Transport Included
3 PEople or +

Private Guide

$ 768 pp
  • Transport Included