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3 hours to Monteverde

Monteverde Macro Photography

Tour description:

Monteverde Cloud Forest evokes the natural realm. A place where the time seems to stop and we become once again forest people. Nature here is overwhelming on every single branch, life seems to be dripping from the trees.

The cloud forests of Monteverde and its Caribbean counterpart Santa Elena are magical places. The incredible biodiversity invites you to come and explore.

With our professional camera gear, such richness would be captured forever. Macro photography induction is our way to appreciate the less little know side of tropical rainforest. A 3-hour photo journey into the heart of some of the most amazing regions on earth.

  • Flowers and Bugs
  • Destinations: Santa Elena, Monteverde
Depart hours: 
  • 7 to 10 am
  • 1 to 4 pm


  • Level: Easy For: All photography lovers Ages: from 10 up Experience: from zero to pros Number of participants: 4 maximum Includes: Park fee, transportation, photography guide, professional DSLR, prime macro lens, tripod and Nikon R1C1 lighting system. An easy hike along forest trails in seek of flora and fauna. A 3-hour nature walk where your lead guide will teach all camera settings for wild macro photography. Flowers, mushrooms, spiders, frogs, and every other life form.