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3 hours to Tortuguero

Night Macro Photography

Tour description:

The last rainforest frontier. Costa Rican Jungles offer some of the most fascinating creatures on earth. With Macro photography you will see some nature that most people only dream about. Our nature hikes are rather a slow pace, with short distances to cover and lots to capture. Its created for those who have never been either on a night rainforest hike or/and done macro photography. We the use of our amazing Nikon R1C1 flash systems and prime macro lenses the experience would open your eyes to an all-new universe full of surprises. Rainforest frogs, giant ants, strange-looking bugs, colourful beetles and even some exotic snakes can be found during the 3 hours tour.

  • 3-hour hike starting at 5:30 pm at Selvatico Lodge forested trails.
  • A private property filled with night creatures.
  • Level: Easy
Depart hours: 
  • 5:30 pm
  • Nikon Cameras
  • Nikkor lens 60 mm 2.8
  • Nikkor lens 105 mm 2.8
  • Nikkor lens 70-200 mm 2.8
  • Nikkor lens 600 mm F4
  • Flashes, Tripods, reflectors and other gadgets