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Nature Blog

All about the Yellow-Naped Parrot

All about the Yellow-Naped Parrot CLASS: Birds ORDER: Psittaciformes FAMILY: Psittacidae GENUS: Amazona SPECIE: auropalliata Main facts. Parrots are some of the most amazing animals out there. Their incredible vocal abilities, their outstanding social skills and their wonderful, cheery disposition have earned ...

The howler monkeys of Costa Rica

The howler monkeys of Costa Rica. Interesting facts about: Scientific Name: Alouatta palliata  Status in the Wild: Common Habitat: Cloud Forests, Rainforests, Tropical Dry Forests  Diet: Herbivore Named for their throaty howls, they  can be heard for ...

The Costa Rica Anteater

The Costa Rica Anteater Northern Tamandua Order: Xenarthra Family: Myrmecophagidae Scientific name: Tamandua mexicana Common Names: Vested anteater Spanish: Oso hormiguero Costa Rica: Oso melero, Oso Hormiguero Description. Anteater is long, tapered snout and blotchy, almost naked, prehensile tail. Fur sparse, cream to ...

10 amazing facts about the Osprey

10 amazing facts about the Osprey. Large raptor, mostly white below, cruising over lakes, rivers, and mangroves in search of fish. Impressively distributed: found on all continents except Antarctica. Head and underparts mostly white; dark brown ...

What is Monteverde?

What is Monteverde? Geography Topography The community of Monteverde (1350-1500 m) lies on the upper Pacific slope near the Continental Divide in the Cordillera de Tilarán (Tilarán mountain range) in northwestern Costa Rica. The nearest town is Santa ...