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What about  Carara National Park?

What about  Carara National Park? Carara National Park is located in the Turrubares and Garabito cantons, in the provinces of San José and Puntarenas, between coordinates 9º51' and 9º44' North latitude, 84º36' and 84º29' East longitude. ...

Crocodile vs Caiman

Can you tell the difference between Crocodiles and Caimans?When looking at a caiman vs crocodile, you may be wondering how you can tell the difference. While both of these reptiles look strikingly similar, they actually ...

About the Tarcoles River

About the Tarcoles River. Tarcoles is a small town that has a string of modest houses set alongside a series of dirt roads. With rather humble images, this quiet town and its surroundings are mainly visited ...