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Nature Blog

Macro Photography in Costa Rica

Macro Photography in Costa Rica Did you know that more than 150 species of frogs and toads live in Costa Rica? And they are discovering more species all the time! This, of course, means that you ...

Tortuguero Costa Rica

Tortuguero Costa Rica.   Where is Tortuguero located?   Tortuguero is a town on the Caribbean coast that can only be accessed by sea or river.     In this area you can find the famous National Park which is located northeast ...


Wildlife nature photography in COSTA RICANature Group is doing wildlife nature photography with Several species of animals have settled in the lush jungle of Central America while migrating between the two continents.The Pacific Ocean encounters ...

How to improve your wildlife photography?

How to improve your wildlife photography? Here are a few tips to enhance your wildlife photography skills Gear up Your objective is to capture the wildlife, of course, you have your gear in place, but what matters is, ...

Bird Watching by Zones of Costa Rica

Birdwatching by zone in Costa Rica is truly magnificent, it has six ecozones for birdwatching, dozens of micro-ecosystems and 10% of the world's bird species. These protected areas include 32 national parks, more than fifty ...