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What is the meaning of «tico» and «tica»?


Let’s talk about «ticos and ticas”, being ticos means no army in the streets, it means listening to the yigüirro ( Clay-colored Thrush) singing early in the morning, it means starting the day with a good cup of coffee. Being Ticos is to enjoy the sound of the marimba and the masquerade parties, and especially to have a heart full of pride.

“Tico” and “tica” (male and female) are colloquial terms that Costa Ricans gave themselves, due to their linguistic tendency to add the diminutive “tico” to the end of words. It’s very common to hear this reference in many occasions, since it is a word that is used to refer to the people of Costa Rica. It is still not 100% confirmed where the word «ticos» came from, but many people believe the story originated in the «Guerra Patria Centroamericana». It’s said that during this conflict the militaries of other countries noticed how the Costa Ricans often said the ending «ico» and from then on they decided to call them «ticos».

In Costa Rica you have the ability to become something big, in something «chiquitico» (Tiny), because everything sounds better when you put an «ico» at the end. Many people traveling to Costa Rica for the first time, comment that Costa Ricans are very loving, happy and friendly and this suffix makes them more noticeable when they speak.

Ticos are special people, full of joy, but they are also very ingenious, the Ticos looked for a way to name Costa Rica, and they found one that today is pretty popular, and that name is Tiquicia, since the word is complemented with the «ti» and when saying the words ticos and tiquicia you can notice the similarity, that kind of words are popular enough, and fit perfectly with the essence of Costa Rica.

Ticos and Ticas are the reason Costa Rica is such a beautiful country. Since Ticos are so helpful and open about their lives, it makes the experience more authentic which is why many Expats move to Costa Rica.

By: Hefsy Guerrero