Asked Questions

Do you feed Crocodiles?

  • According to wildlife & environmental laws, feeding endangered species has been an illegal activity since 1974. We don’t participate or are associated with any practices as such.

Are you the only company at Tarcoles river to provide high quality binoculars during the tours?

  • Yes. For 12 years old and above with a parent authorization.


Does Nature Group Costa Rica offer nature boat tours for families and none hardcore naturalists?

  • In fact, NGCR has re-designed many of our services including crocodile boat tours. Children of any age are welcome with their respective parents or similar. Under 7 years old are non-paying guests as long as two or more adults join the services. Above 8 years old are considered a regular price.

How close can you get to crocodiles, birds or other animals?

  • If you are a photographer with a limited gear or mm; we would be glad to offer you our gear rental. NGCR has bought several prime lenses for wildlife and bird photography. Some of those lenses are: 70-200 mm; 300 mm; 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm all prime. But if you are not a photographer with proper gear, the answer is very close as long as we don’t alter nature.

Do you offer any  food during your trips?

  • Normally during the full day tours lunch will be provided, all daily tours include a snack and bottled water. The multi-day tours include all meals except the day of arrival, depending on the  tour last dinner might be included.


We heard about a night tour, is it true?

  • Nature Group Costa Rica on our endless search for excellence and unique nature experiences offer night walks and night macro-photography tours.


Can we book one or more tours apart from those offered on your site; such as Manuel Antonio national park, Poas volcano,etc?

  • Although our main focus is on our distinctive tours, our talented naturalist can take you anywhere in Costa Rica with the same level of quality.

How bad are mosquitos?

  • It’s hard to make people believe that they don’t really represent a major headache here. During the rainy season, trousers, a regular repellent shall do. Even during our night tours bugs in general are no worry. Needless to say we are in the rainforest, take some precautions as you would do in your woods.

How hard is the level of your activities?

  • We consider whether any of our nature journeys are physically demanding. Maybe the birding tours take a lot of standing up but we are prepared with very light portable chairs to carry along in case a break is needed.

Can my kids learn how to bird watch with you?

  • If there is one thing we would like in our services is education! And those little sponges would be a real pleasure to teach them about tropical birding.

It’s my first time birding/photographing. How much knowledge do I need?

  • Zero!!!!! Baby steps. After 25 years of guiding expertise; we have what it takes to make your very first day very enjoyable.


Do you have tour operator insurance?

  • Yes. We got you covered.

Does your staff speak any other language besides English and Spanish?

  • We also offer a French speaking guide, however you should let us know in advance if you require it.

Do you do overnight or multi-day  tours to other parts of Costa rica?

  • Of course, we can set and work with our established itineraries or customize it according to your targets. It’s all a matter to email us with your request.

Do you do airport pick up?

  • Up to 12 passengers maximum.

How long are your day tours?

  •  Regular tour: 3 hours.
  • Full day tour: 8 hours.