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Nature Group Costa Rica
Nature Group Costa Rica
Nature Group Costa Rica

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Nature Group Costa Rica

In an endless quest for natural beauty and unforgettable memories, Nature Group Costa Rica was born with the vision to share the overwhelming biodiversity of Costa Rica focused in two branches which are birding and photography.

We are located on the world-renowned crocodile-river, Rio Grande de Tarcoles in the Central Pacific which is home to the largest population of American Crocodiles in Central America but also the habitat for 327 species of birds, some mammals and more.

Over the past three decades, we have been blending our expertise in biology, conservation, photography, and business, to create a tour operator that is leading the way for others to follow.

Dedicated to offering the finest experiences of birding and nature photography, we have put together a collection of tours that seek to meet the demands of our clientele. Whether you are a family group wishing to see crocodiles, monkeys, or toucans; a physically challenged birdwatcher; a worldwide birder with 6000 birds on your life list; or a National Geographic award-winning photographer.

After carefully observing the local nature for more than 25 years, we have taken steps to make a positive change in the life of all flora and fauna not only in the Central Pacific but anywhere we visit by following the key principles of sustainable growth, and environmental awareness, we have improved the services that we offer; reducing their impact on the natural environment. At Nature Group Costa Rica, nature comes first, so our responsible practices, and approaches to the natural world, are our fingerprint.

Famillies & nature seekers

A nature tour in Tarcoles river or Carara National Park allows you to dive deep into the spectacular and biodiverse landscapes. Also witness the incredible wildlife of crocodiles, birds & mamals.

An experienced guide is always with you to provide exciting background information on the plants and animals of the region.

We will create your dream tour for you. Simply get in touch with us, tell us about your needs and wants and experience your very own adventure.

Birding & Wildlife Travel Experts

For some inspiration, you can find some of the most popular itineraries. Most of our clients love to end their exciting at Rio Grande de Tarcoles with a few days of relaxation on Central Pacific coast stunning beaches. Would you love that as well?

There is an overwhelming number of ways to book a trip. We believe that travel planning should be easy and worry-free. That’s why we bring trip planning to life through the experience and expertise of our guides who can make your dream trip come true. We plan your itinerary while you dream. Consultation is always free of charge and non-binding, feel free to drop us a line or call directly to our office.

Nature Group Costa Rica is not only a serious birding tour company; we are also unique in the Americas, by being the only photography tour operator to offer workshops, expeditions, and day-tours, with prestigious Nikon camera gear included. Whether you have never used a professional camera before, or you are on a photographic assignment for National Geographic, we use nothing but the best NIKKOR prime lenses, of 600-500-400-300mm optics, for the enjoyment of all nature lovers.