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Our professional staff has spent 30 years with intimate moments in nature. We have witnessed unique and rare finds such as the first-ever Sharpbill nest or the recording of a serpent feeding on a Green and Black dart frog; amongst dozens of other natural events with great importance for overwhelming biodiversity. Our team of photographers, guides, and tour leaders are on a constant quest for amazing images.

Nature Group Costa Rica has become the only company in Latin America that offers photography expeditions and workshops with all camera gear included. No other nature company on earth has dedicated so many resources to making your photography tour in the rainforest so convenient, exciting and unique.

Using some of the latest Nikon camera gear NGCR would provide experiences like no other. Whether you are a casual point-and-shot photographer to any Nat Geo expert. We are so proud to communicate to the world travellers our journey for the absolute best experience in Costa Rica.