Welcome to Pura Vida! 


Welcome to Pura Vida country! Costa Rica is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other, crisscrossed by dense rainforests and beautiful volcanoes of which some are active, Costa Rica is the perfect place for all nature and animal lovers. With a year-round tropical climate ranging from 25 to 35 ºC it’s perfect to relax and renew yourself. The country is located between Nicaragua and Panama, offering the perfect conditions for beach vacations, mountain hikes and the possibility to enjoy boat rides on tropical rivers and oceans. To visit as many unique places as possible, a trip to Costa Rica is especially suitable.

Costa Rica has evolved positively in recent years. The Central American country is considered a world pioneer in environmental and climate protection: more than 98% of its energy comes from renewable sources such as hydroelectric dams and wind towers. In early 2019, Costa Rica announced its goal to be completely independent of fossil fuels by 2050. However, to live up to this role and establish itself as a model in the region in the long term, the country faces major challenges. This is why all political and economic spheres are called upon to make a demonstrable contribution in a sustainable, socially just and climate-neutral manner in the coming years. Examples include agriculture and forestry, while transport and waste management are among the most important priority areas.

You will live unforgettable experiences on your trip in Costa Rica, whether it is hiking through unspoiled nature, to active volcanoes, diving excursions to the species-rich underwater world or immersing yourself in the pleasant and joyful customs of the «ticos» as the Costa Rican people are called. Pura Vida which means from a greeting to a state of mind is the way of life of the Ticos.