10 days

Deep Green

Tour description:

Day 1: Arrival to Costa Rica – Juan Santamaria’s International Airport

Day 2 & 3: Tapanti, Orosi

Day 4, 5 & 6: Copal, Pejibaye

Day 7, 8 & 9: Caribbean

Day 10: Departure – Juan Santamaria’s International Airport

Tapanti National Park

Because of its geographical position, this park is affected by constant cloud formation. The forest is lush, rich in epiphytic plants, mosses, orchids, and a dense understory. This incredibly biodiverse region houses an incredible 360+ species of birds, including Antpittas, Hummingbirds, Finches, Woodquails, Tanagers, Euphonias, Eagles, Trogons, and Owls. With a large main trail bordering both secondary and primary forests, Tapanti is the perfect place for birders who are looking for the challenge of finding those elusive species such as Sharpbill, Monklets, Antpittas, Woodquails, Quail-doves, and perhaps a beautiful soaring eagle. One of the most amazing qualities of this park is its mixed flocks, which can arrive at any moment: a true birding delight!


Mid-Elevation Rainforest: This is without a doubt one the most exciting birding destination in Central America! Lying beneath the Caribbean slope of the Talamanca Mountains near Tapanti National Park, its unique geographical position provides the area with an exuberant forest cover, inter-mountain valleys, river gorges and very little human presence, lending to incredible birding opportunities. The lower forest nearest the lodge is a magnet for Tanagers, Orioles, Shrike Vireo, Oropendulas, Toucans and Hummingbirds. Its understory of even vegetation is fantastic for Manakins, Spinetails, Finches, Wrens, Sparrows and even Tinamous. In a single mixed flock over 40 species can be found, including Songwrens, Anthrushes, and Antpittas. Meanwhile, look up into the canopy and you will find Grosbeaks, Woodcreepers, Woodpeckers, Flycatchers, Grosbeaks, and up to 17 species of Tanagers. Perhaps you will even see the rare Yellow-eared Toucanets gilding from branch to branch! Pejibaye’s Rainforest is the best place to find Snow- cap Hummingbirds anywhere, and the unrivaled privacy of this lodge, along with excellent hotel staff, make this location a birdwatching delight.


Away from mainstream tourism and focus on scientific approaches. Kekoldi is the destination for hawk watch in Central America. More than 300 million birds cross Costa Rican skies from the months of September to November majorly. In a single day well over a million raptors can be sighted in thermals soaring the blue skies over the Caribbean Sea near Puerto Viejo Limon. 36 thousand hectares of rainforest is waiting for you. The vastness of the forest, plus the serenity of the place is enchanting. The Bribri people are over-friendly, they love sharing their language in a very home-style environment. Birds, sloths, big cats, and poison dart frogs are some of the most common wildlife within steps of your rooms


Costa Rica